March 16, 2021 - Rev. Michael Coren, Jamie Manson on The Vatican's decree re: LGBTQ unions as "sin"


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LGBTQ Catholics may not have been surprised by the Vatican's declaration that same-sex unions are a sin it cannot bless, but that doesn't mean the message didn't sting. Rev. Michael Coren, an Anglican cleric, columnist, and broadcaster, shares his response, including why he ultimately left the Catholicism. Jamie Manson, president of Catholics 4 Choice, and one of the few LGBTQ columnists in religious media through her time at the National Catholic Reporter, speaks to the advocacy work being done on this front. Ryan and Sam take on the story making headlines around the world — Alberta's "War Room" quarrelling with Netflix over the streaming giant's "Bigfoot Family" cartoon.

10:31 - Rev. Michael Coren 35:48 - Jamie Manson 1:09:08 - War Room vs. Netflix

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