May 5, 2021 - Nitish Pahwa; Albert Nobbs; Bukola Salami; Indigenous Bar Association's Drew Lafond


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Slate copy editor, Nitish Pahwa takes stock of the pandemic crisis amid India's political backdrop and if it will turn Indian voters away from populist prime minister, Narendra Modi.

Albert Nobbs shares why he's taken up sidewalk chalk to call for action by the provincial government on COVID-19, including drawing more than 2000 stars at the Alberta legislature, for the residents who have died from the virus to date.

Dr. Bukola Salami addresses her research on immigrant health and how it highlights the systemic racism Black people experience when accessing medical care in Canada.

Indigenous Bar Association president's Drew Lafond unpacks the Indigenous legal community's call for the Supreme Court of Canada to reserve a permanent spot for an Indigenous judge.

12:24 - Nitish Pahwa 54:18 - Alberta Nobbs 1:19:17 - Dr. Bukola Salami 1:44:26 - Drew Lafond

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