Episode 13: Building Code Sandbox with Ives van Hoorne


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Recording date: 2018-11-29

John Papa https://twitter.com/john_papa

Ward Bell https://twitter.com/wardbell

Dan Wahlin https://twitter.com/danwahlin

Ives van Hoorne https://twitter.com/compuives


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  • 1:00 Mailbag question: Will VSCode editor replace the current editor?
  • 3:01 What is Codesandbox and how did you get into it?
  • 6:30 What kinds of challenges did you face when launching Codesandbox?
  • 10:00 What are you using for serverless functions?
  • 13:10 Why use serverless?
  • 16:10 Sponsor: Nativescript
  • 17:15 Moving away from serverless for some things?
  • 23:10 What do you think of suspense or hooks?
  • 24:20 Why does the world need Codesandbox?
  • 28:00 What does Codesandbox use for linting?
  • 31:00 Sponsor: IdeaBlade https://www.ideablade.com
  • 32:30 What is Codesandbox written in?
  • 35:20 How are the users of Codesandbox using types?
  • 36:20 How do you keep up with the latest versions of software?
  • 41:00 How do you handle concurrent users?
  • 42:10 Someone to follow

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