Episode 18: Vue in Enterprise Apps with Chris Fritz


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Recording date: 2019-01-15

John Papa @John_Papa

Dan Wahlin @danwahlin

Chris Fritz @chrisvfritz


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  • 01:56 Guest introduction
  • 03:39 What is an enterprise application?
  • 05:10 Our environment shapes the way we think
  • 06:55 What percentage are moving from server rendered to a single page app?
  • 11:38 Sponsor: DevIntersection
  • 12:23 Typescript
  • 16:45 Why not just use Typescript?
  • 19:51 Are people leaning towards classes and decorators?
  • 24:11 Tips for organizing and structuring projects
  • 36:01 What does the enterprise boilerplate give us?
  • 37:40 Sponsor: Native Script
  • 38:14 How does Vue work with mobile?
  • 40:28 Web browser mobile vs native approach?
  • 42:17 How do you optimize your app for performance?
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