Episode 6: Upgrading JavaScript Apps with Sam Julien


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Recording date: 2018-09-20


John Papa https://twitter.com/john_papa

Ward Bell https://twitter.com/wardbell

Sam Julien https://twitter.com/samjulien


(0:00:59) you've got javascript, what do you do?

(0:02:30) Taylor Swift - Shake it Off - from the mailbag

(0:04:04) Sam talks about his time at a non-profit to help upgrade a project

(0:04:35) Sam talks about using Hot Towel, Gulp, Bower and npm

(0:05:00) Sam talks about his Angular v1 app https://angularjs.org/

(0:05:20) Hot Towel https://johnpapa.net/hottowel/

(0:06:00) Sam talks about adding ES6

(0:06:23) Gulp https://gulpjs.com/

(0:06:37) Babel https://babeljs.io/

(0:07:00) WebPack https://webpack.js.org/

(0:07:19) Sam went to NgConf to learn about the next version of Angular https://www.ng-conf.org/

(0:07:50) Angular https://angular.io/

(0:08:03) Sam talks about where he looked for guidance on upgrading Angular

(0:08:40) Ward asks Sam if Gulp and WebPack are comparable

(0:10:00) Sam talks about issues he faced with Webpack and how they tackled it

(0:12:21) Sam talks about how they approached the upgrade in terms of the infrastructure

(0:12:58) Sam says nobody was talking about how the mental shift of starting Angular apps changed from v1 to v2

(0:13:30) Ward talks about the tool change shift

(0:13:50) Ward discusses how he shifted from Gulp to the Angular CLI for builds

(0:17:29) John asks Sam about the churn in JavaScript tooling

(0:18:11) Sam compares angular.js to jQuery

(0:18:21) Ward coins the phrase "Script Kitty"

(0:20:39) Sam refers to the Indiana Jones swap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gU35Tgtlmg

(0:21:23) Ward asks Sam if he found a strategy that worked in upgrading old to new angular

(0:21:48) ngupgrade https://angular.io/guide/upgrade

(0:23:00) Sam talks about Change detection in upgrades

(0:23:30) John asks Sam ho wlong the upgrade took for his team

(0:24:00) Sams talks about how long it took him and his team to upgrade

(0:26:29) Sam says he was allowed 30% of their time on technical debt to upgrade/refactor

(0:25:33) John asks Sam if the time investment was worth the upgrade

(0:27:10) Ward proposes that it may be better to re-do the app vs upgrade

(0:28:13) Sam talks about how to weigh the factors for upgrade vs re-do

(0:34:02) Sam talks about the unit of work pattern https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/mvc/overview/older-versions/getting-started-with-ef-5-using-mvc- 4/implementing-the-repository-and-unit-of-work-patterns-in-an-asp-net-mvc-application

(0:34:27) John asks if it's good to look at how long the app took to write in the first place, when upgrading

(0:41:51) Ward says it often is faster to rewrite the code than upgrade it

(0:43:54) Ward is deeply suspicious

(0:48:50) Gatsby https://www.gatsbyjs.org/

(0:52:25) Someone to follow - Katerina Skroumpelou https://twitter.com/psybercity

(0:52:53) Someone to follow - Pamela Ocampo https://twitter.com/pmocampo?lang=en

(0:53:33) Someone to follow - https://twitter.com/jdjuan Juan Herrera https://twitter.com/jdjuan?lang=en ngColumbia

(0:54:00) Someone to follow - Brandon Roberts https://twitter.com/brandontroberts?lang=en


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