Finding Balance with Food and Our Hormones with Kezia Hall


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This week’s interview is with Kezia Hall, a holistic nutritionist based in Scotland! Kezia is an expert on women’s health and hormones and today we’re chatting about her personal story from joining a dieting club at age 11 to intuitive eating and using food as medicine, not an emotional crutch. We’re also digging into the nitty gritty of women’s cycles, what happens when they get out of whack, WHY they feel so horrible sometimes, and how bring our cycles back in to balance naturally.

Discussed On Today’s Episode:

  • Trauma as a child that led to disordered eating
  • Joining a diet club at age 11, suffering from IBS for around a decade, then diving into holistic healing in Kezia’s early twenties
  • How diet clubs and dieting in general create a disconnect between the food you eat and your body
  • Asking yourself Why? – Why are you binge eating and using food to deal with trauma and discomfort in your life?
  • Using your menstrual cycle as your super power – Using the different phases to relax, create, work etc…

Hang out with Kezia!



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Finding Balance with Food and Our Hormones with Kezia Hall | Real Talk with Dana Podcast

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