Maggie the Migrant Millennial Redefines Marriage and Real Wealth


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Today we're going to talk about how one of our Real Wealth Network employees is living the dream of "real wealth" on a budget. 10 years ago we put out an ad on Craigslist for a receptionist. It was 2009, smack dab in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis. Not too many real estate companies were hiring at that time, but Real Wealth Network was booming. The unemployment rate was massive, so we had thousands of applicants for the receptionist position. I was so overwhelmed I just asked people to show up at our next event to meet in person. Only 3 people showed up and Maggie Pike was one of them. She has been with us ever since in many roles, from receptionist, to event planner, to my assistant, to Director of our Real Wealth Academy, and now as our Director of Syndications. And, as of Saturday, she is now Mrs. McKinnie. Maggie and her new husband Marc are building a real estate portfolio while living their dream of traveling the world. They are such an inspiration, I decided to interview them for this week's Real Wealth Show. Enjoy!

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