Ep 127 - Interview with Brittney Rose & Dr. Johnny of "Temptation Island"


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Brittney joins me first to talk about her background (5:25), what do her Wellness Retreats consist of (8:58), getting cast on the show (11:15), who was she initially attracted to (18:18), her first date and drama with Evan (19:35), her courtship with Karl (25:40), the final conversation with Karl before she left (36:24), Karl's final bonfire (38:43), their post-show relationship (42:01), her April Fools IG post (44:47), and how you can be a part of her Wellness Retreat (52:33). Then Dr. Johnny joins to talk about his background and previous stint on reality TV (1:00:22), how many back adjustment he did on the show (1:05:36), relationship with the other guys (1:09:20), how did Kady talk about John to him (1:13:30), their relationship since the show (1:20:24), and would he ever go on the show as a couple (1:26:44).

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