Congratulations, The Amazing Race Hates You!


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Michael, Logan & Michelle are back to discuss a genuinely controversial pair of episodes in Amazing Race 31's visits to Dubai & Uganda. In this episode:

    Michelle makes a new noise. Why do we differ so much on these episodes? How did anyone fall for our Fake Recap last week? Why does Michael hate Middle East legs? Will we be covering Amazing Race Canada 7? Michelle tries to defend the indefensible. Why was there no mention of Colin & Christie having gone to Dubai before? Where were the camels? Michael refuses to acknowledge other podcasts. Are Colin & Christie funnier in Zen Mode? Is there a better prize on offer than the Million Dollars? There's a pop quiz. How boring are Virtual Reality tasks? We spot a bit of delicious irony in the Uganda episode. Why would bungee jumping off the Burj Khalifa be impractical at best? A record is on the verge of being broken! Who would have fallen for the trick Detour? How should Production have messed with Colin? We talk driving tests. Who was best at the silent disco Roadblock? Did we spot a rule change? Logan has a silent disco story. Why did Colin phrase his experience in Dubai so oddly? Who should be more Debbie? Are non-eliminations rigged? Michael & Michelle *really* disagree about the Uganda leg. Why are Tyler & Korey the new Gus & Hera? What did Elitha think a "minaret" was? Why did they have to count the steps between the marks? Michael spots some stupidity. Logan suggests how to improve the Rolex Roadblock. How did Michelle miss Victor getting burned? There's a last minute recurring joke. Michelle gets angry at the Speed Bump. Why didn't Colin use either of his catchphrases on the Uganda Detour? What made them do a Tower of Hanoi challenge not in Vietnam?! Have we reached breaking point with returnee seasons? Will they handle the Must-Vote U-Turn terribly? Michelle is a feminist icon. Is Britney more of a comp beast than we remember? Are there too many Double-Battles? How would Jet & Cord have fared in Uganda? Why were only Tyler & Korey narrating in Uganda? We eulogise Janelle & Britney. Michael analyses the statistics. How is this season doing halfway through? What do we know about Uganda after this leg? Did Tyler hint towards Uganda? And who will be eliminated next?

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