Do You Wanna Build a Drainpipe?


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Michael & Logan return for another episode recap of our favourite show every year – de Mol Belgie. In this episode:

    We go through Logan’s Facebook. Why did Logan feel old this week? Where did the Dinner Party challenge come from? Were the bandanas a clue? Did Kaat survive by the skin of her teeth this time? How hard is it to make fire? Everyone’s favourite children’s character gets a 2019 upgrade. Our favourite subplot from last week returns, surprisingly. Where should the Mole have positioned themselves in the first challenge? We come up with an idea of how to double the money. Why does Gilles enjoy messing with people so much? Should anyone trust Production when they ask for your “best clothes”? We begin to practice our impressions for Amazing Race 31. What were the cancelled challenges at dinner? We break some exclusive news about the finale screenings. Logan makes a binding promise. How should Joeri have mentioned drainpipes? Why can’t Elisabet ad lib? We love callback jokes. We test the limits of Bas’ contrary challenge. Will the Last Supper be relevant? Why was Eva so ill? Michael has Laser Quest PTSD. Why did Bruno sacrifice himself? What are the logistics of acquiring a paintball machine gun? A Season 6 trend returns. Who do we suspect? Who will be the final three? And who’s going home?

If you want to play this season's Suspect List, you can find it at and use the same link every week! You can distribute 100 points between suspects per week. See you next week!

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