"Hal the World Away" (with Hal Johnson)


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Michael & Logan are back again for an Amazing Race Canada throwback – a visit from iconic Canadian Hal Johnson! In this episode:

    What role has Hal assumed for new Racers? How much of a fan is Hal? What did Hal audition for? Is anyone ever really recruited? Why did Hal & Joanne have such a big advantage going in? Will an All-Stars season ever happen? Were Hal & Joanne the most-prepared Racers ever? What would be Hal & Joanne’s “what if?” moment? How do you get extra cash on the Race? Why was Regina so horrible? Who is the smartest team in Amazing Race Canada 6? What local knowledge did they have to get them ahead? What did Bickerton get upset about at the start line? How much of a burden is your image? The Give’r count returns. How do injuries occur and how do you solve them? Why did Hal & Joanne get U-Turned? Which team didn’t know about Standby? How did Kristen & Darren screw themselves over? What did we miss with Treena & Tennille? How should you pick an All-Star cast? What should you put in an application? What would Hal prepare with if he was asked back? How do you overcome the perils of age? What has twenty years of marriage taught Hal? Were there alliances in Season 1? For once, Logan talks about a video that is legal to own in Canada. What didn’t everyone seen in Vancouver? How did the City of Regina make it up to Hal & Joanne? What was the story with the Regina Fast Forward? How did the infamous ending to Regina affect Hal & Joanne? One company misses out on a perfect opportunity. Has Joanne overcome the incident? Logan asks for a new slogan. What impact did the incident actually have? Hal gets a new theme tune. Is there anything Hal wants everyone to know? Which challenge from Season 6 would Hal dominate at? How does Hal keep bumping into the Race? How do you cope post-Race? What is the biggest hate mail that Hal & Joanne had? What would be our all-star cast? How did Brett rub everyone the wrong way immediately? Why are competitive teams not as entertaining? Who does Michael want to see back? How life-changing is Amazing Race? What Monty stories does Hal have? Where did Joanne think they would go? Why have ratings fallen? And what question do Hal & Joanne ask at talks?

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