"Long-Term Expertise" (with Al Rios)


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Michael & Logan return from a few weeks in the wilderness for a sitdown with Al Rios from Amazing Race 4! In this episode:

    What podcasting pedigree does Al have? Does Al still watch Amazing Race? Where was Elimination Station? Why was Jon & Al’s elimination atypical? Why did Brisbane go so badly? Which couples weren’t together before the Race? Are non-eliminations pre-determined? Is Phil really that nice? Al learns about Amazing Race Canada. Logan spoils the next episode. Were Jon & Al asked to do any All-Star seasons? How aware was everyone of the feud between Kelly & Jon and Millie & Chuck? Why is sequestering teams a bad thing in modern seasons? Who is more popular – Ken & Gerard or Jon & Al? We fill Al in on a little of what’s to come next season and the Jack Shack. What happened between Amsterdam and Mumbai? Did Jon & Al get groped in India? How many air miles did Al claim? Which other Racer did Jon surprise at the circus? Which team were Jon & Al the most wrong on? How would Jon & Al make a living in North Korea? How would Tian & Jaree have done on a new-school season? What was David & Jeff’s nickname? How difficult were the self-driving legs? What happened on the 36-hour pit stops? Did Millie & Chuck ask for their “virgins” title? Logan wants a virginity update. Why have so many couples from Season 4 broken up? Did Monica & Sheree talk about being NFL wives that much? Who do Jon & Al still keep in contact with? We rig Season 4 for Jon & Al. Were Jon & Al called for 31? Did anyone else from Season 4 get the All-Star call? Logan loses his train of thought. Did someone fake an injury? Why didn’t Jon & Al take a Fast Forward? How would they justify someone being eliminated for using their own credit card? What were the consequences of a tie for a placement? Which episode does Al show to his classes? Were there any decoy visas? What happened with the buses in Milan? We find out about the Venice mask challenge shenanigans. How amazing were the security team? Was there a punishment sound and camera crew? Could David & Jeff have ever won Season 4? What would have been the worst non-elimination penalty? Would Jon & Al have used a Yield or U-Turn? What did Amazing Race teach Al? Does watching other Reality TV shows help with being on Amazing Race? Did Jon & Al have an archetype? Does Al have a “what if?” moment about his time on the Race? How close was Mumbai? Does Al still get recognised? Why are some casts so tight? What was Jon & Al’s casting story? How was Jon able to go on the Race? And who else would Al have raced with?

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