My Ox is Boneham!


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Michael & Logan return and are joined by Michelle to recap the first episode of Amazing Race 31! In this episode:

    Where should you send all complaints about this season? We address the elephants in the room. Why is Logan so giddy? Why does CBS love edges? What are some traditional South African greetings? Why did the Amazing Racers get to use bikes? Was there more to the starting line task than we saw? How much intrigue does the delay in airing this season spoil? We get some answers from the preview. Michelle requests an ox. We critique the intro shots. Who has the most impractical clothing choices? Are we expecting a “greatest hits” repertoire from the old Racers every week? Michael offends the Richards. Why didn’t Art & JJ discuss the sled for five years? What’s so awkward about our introduction to Corinne & Eliza? How old is Rupert? Michelle refuses to join in on a joke. We get our dumb meters out. Why was everything arranged to get them to Tokyo? We learn how to pronounce “Laos”. Why doesn't Amazing Race visit Australia anymore? How do you ask for help in Japan? Why are there so many 7-Elevens? We’ve finally found a food Roadblock that Michelle would like. We use Logan’s terrible soundproofing to do some accents. Michelle discusses unnecessary compliments. There’s a friendly game of “Guess the Crystal”. How do you get rid of cramps? Have Rupert & Laura travelled anywhere? What are the penalty rules? We try and predict the U-Turn results. Logan catches up on everything he missed. We try and find a comparison for Art & JJ. Why does everyone complain about the “This Season” trailers? Logan comes up with a twist for an upcoming season. Who’s going home next week? And we try and help them along with some future Japan tasks.

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