No Nasty Surprises


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Michael, Logan & Michelle return for the final time this season to cover the London & Detroit legs and say goodbye to Amazing Race 31. In this episode:

    Are we pleased by the winners? Logan’s terrible prediction skills come back to bite him. How experienced were the final three? Why did Phil forget a U-Turn? How short-sighted was ganging up on Nicole & Victor? What was different about this England leg? Why is picking up a taxi in the UK illegal? Is Dover Castle well-known for code breaking? Michelle claims to have predicted a quiz. How do we know the Knowledge? Which body of water should you swim in in London? Why did we never notice how unstable skiffs are? Why was the Camden Market task predicted as a Double-Battle? Why did Phil whisper? How was Detroit so heavily spoiled? What crimes have been committed recently? Why did Colin & Christie run with a bag in the finale? Rachel's job list has a twist. Would we want to do the face-first abseil? Did we see a Colin & Christie blow-up? Michelle forgets to listen. How could Hart Plaza have been so much worse? Was there a decoy team? How long were the teams at the final challenge? How close was the ending? What impact does Colin & Christie winning have? Will we look back on the season fondly? Michael drops a bombshell. We answer your questions. Can a good winning team save a season? What have we actually learned about these teams? Why did Colin & Christie not narrate the season? Which team displayed the first sign of madness? Who would we pick for an All-Winners season? The final quiz ends in controversy. We eulogise the season. Will we be back for Australia 4 or Season 32? There’s a final “Where in the World is Logan Saunders?” And what are our plans for the rest of the year?

Thank you for listening all season – we’ll be back over the rest of the year with some special episodes!

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