"The Little Blind Podcaster Who Could" (with Lowell Taylor)


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Michael & Logan return yet again for an interview, but I bet you didn’t see this one coming – it’s with Lowell Taylor! In this episode:

    The saga of this episode is continuing. We get an update on a story that no-one will ever hear. Who were the meanest Canadians in Lowell’s cast? We share travel stories. Michael misunderstands a question. What has Lowell been up to since his season aired? Logan learns what a velodrome is and then gets an offer he’s literally not allowed to refuse. Why was everything so easy initially? What is Julie & Lowell’s casting story? How does Julie have the most understanding parents ever? What are Logan’s plans for applying to things? How many puns were there really? We learn about someone who’s a bit Shifty on the crew. What is the perception of blind guys on The Amazing Race? Were there any alternates? Which team came back with PTSD? We suggest a place for Logan to stop on his world tour. Why did Julie & Lowell breeze through Ho Chi Minh City? We get a new quickfire question. Who is the Canadian Covino? An unaired storyline saw Lowell play with Fire. Did anyone else consider taking a penalty at the cable car Roadblock? What was the common theme for a lot of Season 4? What would have happened if Julie & Lowell had won the car prize? Lowell gives us the highlights of The Amazing Race Canada We learn about the Vancouver alumni parties. What has Lowell learned from our podcasts? We learn the origin of “fartface”. How did everyone find out that Ashley was Mrs Universe? We discuss first impressions and how deeply wrong they can be. Do exes get separate rooms? Would Jillian do All-Stars? We hope a Subway promotion wouldn’t see history repeat itself. We find an eating challenge that Logan wouldn’t suck at. Why was Production trying to set Lowell up? Who was the unsung punslinger of Season 4? Did Steph & Kristen defy expectations? How should you use an Express Pass? Why has Monty friend zoned us? Who has the best job in the world? We pick our midseason top moment. Why did the Olympics ruin everything? Logan adds some colour to the Baboon v Badger question. We finally get our exclusive. What two regrets did Lowell have? What went unaired on their elimination leg? We get an update on Lowell’s (apparently dreamy) eyes. And what is misunderstood about Amazing Race Canada?

Join us next week for another interview – this time with Hal Johnson!

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