"The Meanness of Strangers" (with Scott Flanary)


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Michael & Logan are back again to talk more about Amazing Race 29 – this time with Amazing Race’s answer to Cher…if Cher screamed a lot, Scott Flanary! In this episode:

  • What title does Scott hold?
  • The coaster incident is mentioned.
  • Who is Scott’s beard idol?
  • How perceptive was Scott during casting?
  • What other shows did Scott get close to being on?
  • Where did Harvard get Scott?
  • Scott tells a lie in front of Karen.
  • We break down Survivor and Big Brother.
  • Is perception ever reality?
  • We obviously talk about the intro music.
  • Why is Episode 9 so good?
  • Who would Scott’s first pick have been?
  • When were the bios written?
  • Scott thinks he’s broken some news.
  • Is Scott pregnant?
  • How much sleuthing did Scott do for 31?
  • How could Scott win again?
  • Did Scott ever have an Express Pass?
  • Who would Scott want to see return in an all-winners season?
  • What is “Seattle Style”?
  • We discuss Scott’s Race boyfriends.
  • There’s an amazing story from Scott’s finals interview.
  • How do you spell Scott’s name?
  • Were there any decoy visas or teams?
  • Where did Scott want to go?
  • Logan can’t remember Scott’s hero.
  • Scott jinxed himself fifteen years early.
  • We give Scott some quickfire questions.
  • Scott gets vulnerable.
  • We talk title quotes.
  • When did Brooke & Scott think they could win?
  • How do you describe Covino?
  • Does Scott have any regrets about using the U-Turn?
  • We get our pre-requisite Belgian Mole chat on.
  • Why doesn’t TAR have reunions?
  • We dig up old wounds about Season 30.
  • There’s some light Season 31 discussion.
  • We try not to google Covino’s name.
  • Scott gets an open floor.
  • We discuss Scott’s own podcast.
  • And can Scott remember his own name?

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