The Queen of the Spice


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Michael & Logan are back again to recap the sixth episode of De Mol Belgie 2019 and celebrate Michael's 250th episode! In this episode:

    How difficult has it been for Logan to record this week? We try and work out the lag for the loved ones game. Were editors teasing Bruno? Where does Joeri’s drainpipe obsession come from? Why didn’t they use Charleroi Airport? How would an All-Winners Survivor season work? Why did Elisabet want to see her husband so much? Logan fails a challenge. How did the red team win the loved ones challenge? Who from the Blue Team would have wanted a visit? Michael spots a familiar music cue. How should the Mole play the Loved Ones challenge? Bruno backs up something Michael’s said for years. What are our favourite Axel moments of the episode? Where was the Mole for the moped challenge? We take a rough guess on the value of the challenge. What is the one part of this episode’s challenges that Michael would dominate at? What other items could be put on the bikes? Is it appropriate to name your cocks after your lady friends? What’s with all the tongue twisters? Logan channels his favourite Amazing Racer. Who is Michael’s NPC of the episode? How was the Loved Ones dinner produced? Why would you need curry paste on De Mol? Is Bruno’s wife the best loved one ever? There’s some eerie flashbacks to last year’s family visit. What gifts would Michelle want? Is Bas’ cousin a secret Amazing Race fan? How much of an advantage is a loved one really? We bring out the fanfares to swap Ryanair stories. Logan learns something about Julian Assange. There’s a quick Belgian Mole Draft update. Who’s going home next? Who do we suspect? And Logan makes it through an entire podcast without having to teach.

If you want to play this season's Suspect List, you can find it at and use the same link every week! You can distribute 100 points between suspects per week. See you next week!

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