Untraceable? It's a Miracle!


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Michael, Anthony & Michelle return to recap the fourth episode of the fourth series of Hunted. In this episode:

    Anthony’s intro is obvious. Michelle tries to put a rumour to bed. How is the UK heatwave going? What have Anthony & Michael been up to this week? We have a reference for quizzers. Were HQ actually near to Ish & Nate? Michael rants. What is Michelle’s favourite swear word? We discuss banned adverts. Michelle gets threatening. Why did this episode suggest that Matt loses? Michael perfects a one-word impression. We start to pre-empt each other’s jokes. Bleks attempts a tongue twister. Did Frank & Harry get lasagne? How can Hunters “gain access” to properties? Michael rants…again. Why is the fact that Loren got a poster so huge? Are we sold on Loren winning yet? What’s with all our local connections? What is wrong with Derby? Can you trace Facebook calls? Michelle wants the Hunters to be more obvious. Anthony gets into a catchphrase criticism session. We say “savage” too much. Why do we edit the podcast? Is Matt cockier than Michael? Who will be the next professional fugitive? How did the ANPR analysis work? Michelle asks the important questions. Why did Matt want to ambush the hunters? What is the difference between Matt’s plan and Nick Cummings’ decoy? We spot a reshot scene. The Hunters are encouraged to stalk Michael. How long would it take to mail a t-shirt to Australia? Someone doesn’t know their 80s TV. What does Michael watch to cheer himself up? We analyse HQ’s screensavers. Steve Hersee’s legendary pronunciations return. Why wouldn’t Michael apply for Hunted? Michelle has a crush. Michael rants…for a third time. Are service stations ever a good place to visit? Why did Loren cry? Someone does the maps. Matt is compared to a Disney character and Adam Sandler. Is Matt’s plan a bit too obvious? Will we ever see a Lost Wolves-style move again? What was Matt’s biggest mistake? Will Matt’s instinct return? Who will get caught next? There’s a big winner question mark. Michael mentions Shipwrecked. And there’s a wonderful stinger to end the episode.

Michael & Michelle will be back next week before everyone returns for the finale! See you next week.

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