You Don't Do That With Somebody's Head


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Michael & Logan are back to discuss the fifth and sixth episodes of Amazing Race 31 and its visits to Dubai & Uganda! In this episode:

    Where in the world is Logan Saunders? How did we get a copy of the episode? Should Colin & Christie have been better in Dubai? Why didn’t they use the Burj Khalifa for the Roadblock? Was the Egg-cellent Adventure Detour meant to happen in Japan? Has there ever been a good Middle East leg? Did we finally see the old Colin come out in Dubai? How did Janelle & Britney win their first two legs? Roles reverse as Logan has some information on Rachel. Should Janelle & Britney have brought Art & JJ back? Is it illegal to play Strip Poker in Michigan? Where was Elimination Station? Should Colin & Christie have been saved by a non-elimination leg? Are there any disadvantages to bringing back the Marked for Elimination penalty? Where did Uganda come from?! Logan names ten countries. How did Production get away with *this* Uganda leg? We have to talk about the Edge of Extinction finale. How did Art & JJ react to the Uganda Roadblock? Were Production just trying to be topical? What did Michael's brother do at Warner Bros? Who thought it would be a good idea to do an inflatable obstacle course in Uganda? How did Becca & Floyd get eliminated? We imagine how Rupert would have dealt with the Roadblock. Logan struggles to pick a Detour. Is the field of refrigerators a tourist attraction? Michael had the chance to show off his geography knowledge. Worlds collide as we find out why a former De Mol candidate wasn't at the finale. What is Alan Rickman known for in Uganda? Why did General Juma get so much airtime? Will we ever see another Uganda visit? How did Art & JJ manage to come in fourth? We eventually remember about Chris & Bret. Did someone go on a social media blocking spree? Logan critiques raps and then gets some homework. What is the state of this season six episodes in? And Logan makes his predictions for next week.

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