Acceptance Does NOT = Acceptable


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Have you been hurt or manipulated? The idea of acceptance can seem like a fantasy.

Today we are talking about three different mindset shifts that are going to allow you to get through acceptance and back to joy. When we go through something traumatizing, we find ourselves harboring feelings of resentment, hurt, and anger. When we get trapped in that space, we suffer. I want to you to realize that accepting means you can move forward and return to joy. It’s time to give yourself permission to return to your happy place. I’m sharing three mindset shifts around acceptance to help you find peace:

  1. Acceptance does not equal acceptable
  2. Acceptance requires you to let go of any idea that your past can be different
  3. Acceptance requires forgiveness

In this Episode:

  • [ 2:35 ] Why do fish live in saltwater?
  • [ 3:10 ] The reasons we withhold acceptance
  • [ 8:50 ] Acceptance does not equal acceptable
  • [ 12:10 ] Let go of the idea that your past can be different
  • [ 15:45 ] Finding forgiveness

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “When we harbor resentment, we are not in joy.”
  • “We deserve peace.”
  • “We can learn and grow.”
  • “Move into acceptance.”
  • “Recognize that hurt people, hurt people.”




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