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It’s not about discovering YOUR purpose; it’s about discovering THE purpose behind your actions, behaviors, and inactions. It’s also about discovering the purpose behind the feelings, jealousy, comparison, and people-pleasing. All of these behaviors have a purpose. Today, I’m showing you how to discover it and pivot to have better and more fulfilling results that will bring you more joy.

Once we can understand our purpose, we can consciously create a different path, a different result, and a different response. Instead of focusing on our toxic behaviors, spend time on understanding those behaviors. Why are those patterns and behaviors showing up? What purpose does it serve?

First, identify the purpose behind your actions. That way, you’ll understand what you are trying to avoid or what you are trying to receive. We need to really know thy self and understand what makes you tick and click. Stay tuned as we talk about finding the most powerful way to accomplish the purpose.

In this Episode:

  • [ 3:10 ] What did the toilet say to the other?
  • [ 4:00 ] Everything we do and say has a purpose
  • [ 10:55 ] Find a more powerful way to accomplish the purpose
  • [ 14:20 ] Finding joy + happiness through the purpose

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “The purpose behind your behaviors is for you to receive something or avoid something.”
  • “There is a reason for that season.”
  • “We are trying to avoid our deepest core beliefs.”
  • “It’s time to shine a spotlight and enhance your vigilance.”
  • “When we can consciously create a better movement, that is going to allow you to have better results.”




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