How to Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously


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What have you experienced that has gotten a rise out of you?

We put so much time and energy into the stories we tell ourselves. The last thing that we think about is having fun, being silly, and playing. These fun choices will elevate our energy and make us feel good. When we feel good, more good is attracted to us. Put yourself in a state of silliness to call in the good vibes.

Growing up, we are taught to stop playing around and get to work. When you are out of high school, we have to start taking everything so seriously. Our parents, family members, and teachers condition us to put fun on the back burner. However, when things go sour, we need to be able just to laugh it off. When we feel bad, it’s our soul telling us that something is off. Instead, we need to call in the fun!

In this Episode:

  • [ 3:40 ] How personal mistakes lead to judgments
  • [ 10:20 ] Make fun choices
  • [ 17:25 ] What happens when we feel bad
  • [ 21:55 ] How to get back into alignment

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “You have never had a day like today before.”
  • “There is no expiration on the fun.”
  • “In that silliness is your truth.”
  • “I can find the miracles in a mess.”
  • “Find the joy in the moment; don’t get stuck with how it should look.”



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