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This is the hottest podcast on the internet for women leaders, sexy creative muses and spiritual entrepreneurs who want to step into rich, hot, erotic leadership... meaning you want to do leadership in a way that leaves you feeling turned on, deeply fulfilled, making fuck tons of red-hot impact AND money while having allllll the hot sex, deep orgasms and mind-blowing pleasure you could desire! Who am I, the mistress and hostess of this podcast? I'm certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach Amber Leitz and I'm here to revolutionize sex, money and orgasms for women. I've been in business for 7 years (1 year as a holistic health coach trained at IIN and 6 years as a sex coach), have scaled my business to consistent $15k-$30k months following my desire, eros and pleasure. I work less than 10 hours a week (yes, really), have an almost 3-year old daughter and have been with my lover/partner for five years. I’m here to share the raw and real, the red-hot, hilarious and holy behind the scenes of being a rich hot erotic leader, lover, mentor, mother and sexy CEO. This podcast is for you if you're a woman who wants to merge your eroticism with business, leadership, money, love, life and... 💋Be ravished, surprised & delighted by LOTS of money 💋Make red-hot impact that leaves you feeling turned on to no end and weak in the knees by how much you get to serve in your pleasure and power 💋Seduce yourself, your clients, money, your lover(s) and life itself 💋Blow your own damn mind over and over again in your bedroom, business and bank account (and know it's not a fucking fluke!) 💋Own your power and use it to fully express yourself in the most exalted, uninhibited, ecstatic way Tune in every Friday as I turn up the heat and seduce your ears with my musings! You can find me on Instagram @amberleitz Come & play!💋 Join my free Facebook group Rich Hot Erotic Leadership to connect with me and other like-minded erotic souls: Explore all of my juicy AF offerings:

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