Client Spotlight: Nikki on Permission, Authenticity in Eroticism & Unexpectedly Attracting a Lover


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LISTEN ON MY BLOG: Want to get in on the 6-Month Pleasure Hedonist Mastermind? Get the details and book a call here because I'm only taking 9 women and there are limited spots left! We begin October 3rd. This is one of the juiciest podcast conversations EVER.⁣ I interviewed one of my Seductress Deep Dive clients, Nikki.⁣ She shared so raw and real what her journey has been like connecting to her pleasure, eros and seductress.⁣⁣ She shared what it was like being committed to this path now and how it’s infused into all of these other areas of her life. I’m so excited to bring these conversations with past and current clients to open up the conversation around connecting with our eros and pleasure. Especially for those of you who might be on the fence about joining the Pleasure Hedonist Mastermind with me…you can get a taste of what’s really possible when you connect with this energy.⁣ I also felt incredibly rejuvenated in my own eros and pleasure after speaking with Nikki for just an hour.⁣ There’s almost something intangible for me to speak, but it’s like we tune into a sisterhood eros.⁣ Like we each have our own eroticism and eros and then there’s a sisterhood collective eros that we tap into.⁣⁣ We feed each other, nourish each other, celebrate each other & regenerate each other.⁣ We connect, tap into & inspire each other. ⁣⁣ THIS is exactly what I’m creating with the 6-month Pleasure Hedonist Mastermind.⁣ If I can just get fueled & inspired from a conversation with an amazing sister & client…⁣ Imagine what we can do together when there’s 9 women journeying together (10, including myself) for 6 months.⁣ There’s a deep level of connecting, tuning in & intimacy *which I get can be intimidating & I’ll be speaking to it soon…* but it’s SO powerful. ⁣ In this episode Nikki and I discuss… What Nikki’s journey with her pleasure, eros and seductress was like before she started working with me vs during and after How giving herself permission to do the program allowed her to follow the curiosity of her eroticism How connecting to her eros and pleasure has opened up so much opportunity in other areas of her life (like finally finishing her book cover after 9 years!) An unlikely relationship that has been reunited due to her overflowing reservoir of eros and the potent shadow integration we did together Dispelling the myth that when you connect to your eroticism it only affects your sex life & how doing her erotic practice affects, feeds & nourishes every area of your life What erotic energy feels like for Nikki in her body, heart, soul, mind, spirit (what it feels like when she’s connected to her erotic energy) The power of reaching out to her container & community when she’s at her edge How she fits her erotic practice in when she has a full life filled with other opportunities and activities (& how she does it without trying to be perfect) How she unexpectedly attracted a lover who meets her where she’s at in her erotic practice How connecting with her eroticism has affected her authenticity and expression (hear her amazing brags!!!) Her very honoring & gentle suggestion if you’re on the fence about the Pleasure Hedonist Mastermind (or feeling reservation or fear around it) I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and leave me a review — it will help the podcast get out. Subscribe on iTunes:…st/id1085118625 Connect with me on Instagram: Join my Private FB group for women only:

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