Ep. 36: How to Uplevel Your Way to All the Orgasms, Money & Hot Sex You Want


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Want to learn how to step into the real, raw, turned-the-fuck-on you? On today’s episode, I take you through the secret thing that happens when you work with me and how you can own your big desires to uplevel in your life and sexuality. Let’s de-armor your pussy and get into how you can descend into your eroticisim and your power so you can unleash more of who you really are on the world.

I get into:

  • How I expand the definition of upleveling and what it can mean for you
  • One of the MOST POWERFUL ways you can uplevel your life and sexuality
  • What happens when we drop the walls around our pussy and heart (and why it’s so important!)
  • Strip teasing off the layers of conditioning around your own eroticism
  • How you can uplevel your life and sexuality even if you are terrified to do it
  • Why it took me so long to embrace the FUCK word and why I reclaimed it
  • Telling your brain to fuck off when it tells you lies and why having support is so important
  • What you have to be willing to do if you want to step into your power
  • Why you need to STOP trying to be palatable for others
  • My desires for my upcoming live event and the fears that are coming up (and how I work through them)
  • How I am upleveling in my own business and how you can use these tools to do the same fucking thing!
  • What happens in your life when you claim your real, true desires
  • And so much more!

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