Ep. 61: Can You Get Turned On by the Version of Yourself That You’re Becoming?


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This next level version of yourself - can you let her seduce you? Can you get all hot and excited by the idea of becoming her? In today’s episode, I get into the ways you can step into your eroticism and turn-on even when negative emotions and resistance come up around upleveling your life and business. If you are craving to step into this next version of yourself, then tune in - because I am giving you the secret to becoming her while staying in pleasure and turn-on.

I get into:

  • How to drop into your eroticism when investing money into the next version of yourself
  • Why it is so much easier to navigate self-doubt and worry when you are turned on by who you’re becoming (and how to do this!)
  • How to use my “what-if” practice to process negative emotions and drop into your eroticism
  • Why I invest so much in support (and how I get turned on doing it!)
  • And more!

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