Ep. 73: A Breakdown of How Much Support I Have in Sex, Life & Business


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I want to be deeply, pleasurably & indulgently supported - and I want that for you too, lover! In today’s episode, I breakdown all of the ways in which I am deeply supported in my life, relationship, sex & business, how it has affected the epic level of growth I’ve seen in my business, and the support and tools you need to be supported like a Queen Courtisan - because we are never alone in building hot, magnetic & erotic lives!

I get into:

  • A BTS breakdown of the support I have in my sex, relationship, life & business (and how it helps me receive more pleasure & money!)
  • How I am supported in my sex, love & relationship - and what changed in the bedroom because of it!
  • The BIGGEST thing that stops us from being supported in our lives and businesses (and what to do about it!)
  • How I went from being deeply triggered by my coach to hiring her (and the epic growth I’ve seen in my business since!)
  • And more!

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