Ep. 75: Your Permission Slip to Rest


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There is one VERY important thing that allows me to live an erotic, turned-on & pleasurable life while running a 6-figure business - and it is deep rest. When you’re feeling that pull to descend down or go inward, don’t resist - just do it! You are worthy of that rest. In today’s episode, I share how I am making rest a priority as I prepare for expansion in my life and business and give you a sexy permission slip to do the same.

I get into:

  • How I am stepping into rest in my life & business (and what comes from it!)
  • Why honoring your body and your cycle is so important for your business
  • One of the BIGGEST reasons I have been able to uplevel to 6-figures (and am still upleveling!)
  • What to do if you want more turn-on and pleasure in your life (hint: you can’t force it)
  • Why it feels easier for me to rest now than it did earlier in my business
  • And more!

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