Lessons From My $35k Sales Mastermind Launch Using My Pleasure & Eros


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What brings you the most pleasure? Is it having the most amazing orgasm? Or inviting clients into your work who are super turned on by your offering? Or maybe it’s just making a lot of fucking money? On today’s episode, I take you through some of the juicy lessons I learned from my $35K sales mastermind launch and how you can use these tools to take your life and business to the next level of richness, abundance, and pleasure.

I get into:

  • What being in pleasure means for your life and business
  • How I brought in clients who were wet and eager to work with me (and how you can too!)
  • Releasing the shame and conditioning around our own eroticism
  • The willingness to go public with a really juicy goal and what it did for my results
  • Why I celebrated the money BEFORE it came in
  • How I pushed an edge to start reaching out to potential clients in a new way
  • Dealing with objections and what could be holding you back
  • How to make your brain your servant and what to do if you are doubting yourself
  • Why I invested in a lot of support and how it helped me uplevel
  • And more!

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