Sexy Client Spotlight: Alexandra on Being a Spiritual Woman Who Also Wants to Be Tied up & Spanked


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LISTEN ON MY BLOG: Want to get in on the 6-Month Pleasure Hedonist Mastermind? Get the details and book a call here because I'm only taking 9 women and there are only 3 spots left! We begin October 3rd. (DM me on Instagram @amberleitz if you want in the mm) In this episode Alexandra and I discuss… Being conscious spiritual women who also wanna to be choked, spanked & tied up with ropes Her evolution from her cosmic angel channeling starseed persona to a multidimensional woman who embraces all sides of herself from her mother to her kinky naughty whore self to her warrior to her priestess and everything in between How saying yes to herself and joining a women’s circle changed her whole life and started her descent into the erotic and the divine feminine What happened when she realized she had been denying herself and not saying yes to her desires or owning her erotic energy How her unfulfilling relationship was the catalyst for her finally connecting back to her sensual, erotic self How she went from feeling trapped in “mom only” role and into a multidimensional woman who is spiritual and sexy, sacred and profane, kinky and cosmic Her moment of “is this it? Is this all there is?” About sex How she learned the protocols of BDSM & started embracing her kinky side with support How she explored her kinky BDSM loving side by herself (even while married) Why she joined the Pleasure Hedonist Mastermind so she can support mothers in embracing all of their layers and using their eroticism to manifest and stop living from the neck up I’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and leave me a review — it will help the podcast get out. Subscribe on iTunes:…st/id1085118625 Connect with me on Instagram: Join my Private FB group for women only:

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