Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy (Live at Code 2019)


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Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon's cloud computing service AWS, talks with Recode's Kara Swisher at the 2019 Code Conference.
In this episode: How Jassy came to work at Amazon 22 years ago; how Jeff Bezos has changed in that time; how AWS differentiates itself from the competition; could it be disrupted by a small business?; facial recognition, sensor creep, and trust; alleged misuse of Amazon’s facial recognition tech by law enforcement; its work with the government, and employee objections to that; should tech companies work with ICE and border patrol?; potential antitrust regulation and whether AWS should be spun off; Donald Trump’s Amazon-bashing obsession; the HQ2 contest; the challenges of running AWS, including diversity; does Jassy want to be CEO of Amazon?; and how does AWS's culture compare to Amazon’s?

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