Reconcilable Differences 113: Ambient Pleasure Generator


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Things kick into gear fast as John interrogates Merlin about his weird reaction to the recent Apple event. Why all the Charlie Brown? John has calibrated his expectations for these things, but Merlin still struggles to articulate what felt so off this time. Maybe it's just not understanding the profile for the Apple customer any more, but who knows?

Then, your hosts return to Secret Weird Things People Do, and this week it's John's turn. Merlin wants to learn about the benefits that John gets from keeping his things nice.

John's introduces a fascinating new thought technology involving the swirly circles emanating radiation from sources of pleasure and pain. Merlin thinks minimizing entropy can be a great source of pleasure plus a bulwark against madness.

The benefits of the Tiny Life Improvement Project are extolled, and ways of detecting sources of both radiation and weirdness are examined.

(Recorded on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.)

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