RSR264 - Marc Urselli - Pro Tools Mixing Template Breakdown From a Grammy Winning Engineer


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My guest today is Marc Urseli a 6-time Grammy-nominated, 3-time Grammy Award-winning engineer, producer, mixer, sound designer and front of house engineer Marc Urselli works with many artists from around the world.

He has worked with U2, Foo Fighters, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Sting, Keith Richards, Kesha, and Laurie Anderson and scores of other amazing artists performing rock, pop, metal, jazz, experimental/avantgarde/new music, urban and electronica and classical.

Marc also composes music for film and television, creates sound design for commercials and mixes audio for film and television as well as mixing more than half a dozen movie soundtracks.

Born in Switzerland he moved to Italy and opened his first commercial recording facility at 17 years old later moving to New York City, where he currently resides and works as Chief House Engineer for the historic & legendary recording studio EastSide Sound.

Marc works in the highest calibre studios worldwide, including Village Recorders (LA), Capitol Sound (LA), EastWest (LA), Sunset Sound (LA), Sear Sound (NY), Flux (NY), Grouse Lodge (Dublin) and many others.

Marc has learned a great deal about recording and mixing and teaches online and from the stage. I’ve included a great clip of him teaching for Sonic Scoop and am excited to learn more about mixing professionally for multiple genres.

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