RSR271 - Marc Daniel Nelson - Mixing Music & Trailers In Pro Tools During Quarantine


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Marc Daniel Nelson is a Latin Grammy-nominated producer/mixer. He has been producing, mixing and managing creatives for over 19 years.

Since our last interview, Marc has been diving headfirst into the film and tv world for music. In 2018, Marc engineer and mixed the score for the film “Amanda” that went on to be nominated for the French Academy Award for “Best Score”. That following spring he mixed the score and music for the Ukraine film “Ya, Ty, Vin”, which was the last film Zelinsky Vladimir starred in before becoming president.

“Ya, Ty, Vin” went on to having the largest film opening in Ukraine history. In 2019 and 2020, Marc engineered and mixed the scores for a few Netflix originals movies. Outside of film score work, he has kept busy mixing numerous large action trailers and continuing work in the album world, with mixes for Francesca Battistelli, Eric Burdon / Ben Harper and more.

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