RSR279 - Chris Adams aka AHEE - How To Produce Massive Dubstep From Your Home Studio


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My guest today is Chris Adams, aka Ahee, an EDM producer and artist with extensive experience touring clubs and festivals known for his prolific musical output, helpful YouTube tutorials, high-quality sample packs, & crowd engaging live sets.

I discovered Ahee’s Youtube channel when I was searching for tutorials on using the Serum wavetable synth from Xfer Records and really enjoyed the ways that Chris broke down EDM production and techniques for everything from creating DIY synth drum samples to production using his custom sample and sound packs for Ableton Live, to mixing through RTA frequency analyzers so that we can compare our own home studio mixes to a huge club and festival mixes by top EDM producers like Skrillex. Plus Chris affectionately refers to his audience by introducing each video with “Yo What’s Up Aliens” which obviously a great way to talk them don’t you think so Rockstars?

Some of his collaboration and remix credits include The Funk Hunters, Manic Focus, Defunk, Stylust, Psymbionic, Stickybuds, David Starfire, Soohan, and more. I’ll include links to his Youtube channel in the show notes where you can also find a collection of his EDM music productions.

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