RC 011: Katie Lain from Ria Health & Embody Daily


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Katie Lain is the Director of Community Engagement at Ria Health at www.RiaHealth.com/collective. Katie is also an active YouTuber with a great channel called Embody Daily at www.youtube.com/embodydaily, where she shares her personal journey from alcohol addiction using the Sinclair Method of recovery offered through Ria Health, which we discuss in this episode. About Ria Health: Ria Health is a next-generation solution for people who want to stop drinking too much. The company uses mobile technology, one-on-one interactions with addiction specialists, and daily support to help members accomplish their goals and improve their overall well-being. By engaging with physicians and coaches at home, measuring consumption with simple tools, and reducing cravings with FDA approved medications, members experience rapid improvement and achieve a lasting and holistic impact. Ria Health's unique use of personalized care and data science was created by a team of doctors and technology experts. Connect with Katie Lain & Ria Health: Website: www.RiaHealth.com/collective Instagram: www.instagram.com/embody_daily YouTube: www.youtube.com/embodydaily Connect with TOM LEU: Websites: www.RecoveryCollective.net | www.TomLeu.com Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tomleu2 Instagram: www.instagram.com/recovery_collective (@recovery_collective) Instagram: www.instagram.com/tomleu (@tomleu) Twitter: www.twitter.com/tomleu (@tomleu) YouTube: www.talkshiFt.tv Episode Sponsors: Ria Health >> www.RiaHealth.com/collective Sober Evolution >> www.Sober-Evolution.com

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