Into Addiction And Out To Recovery: Having More Fun Sober With Jack Osbourne


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A number of people fall into addiction thinking that the substance and alcohol could somehow make life more fun, craving to let loose and add that certain spike to life. However, English and American TV personality Jack Osbourne realized, after spinning out of control into drug addiction, that he could have more fun sober. In this episode, he joins Rob Hannley and Mike Diamond to share with us his journey—from being exposed to the rock 'n roll lifestyle at such a young age and falling into addiction to recovery, going to almost 18 years of being sober. He also talks about the things that have been keeping him busy and what lights the fire inside him. Now, Jack is a father, TV host, Producer, Explorer, Paranormal Investigator, Climber, Surfer, and an MS Awareness Advocate all under his belt. He takes us to his many sides while sharing some tips and insights on leading a healthy life.

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