Staying Sane And Sober In A Rock Band With Dave Kushner From The Velvet Revolver


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Can you imagine how tough it must have been to be a sober guitarist in a rock band? And not just any rock band. We’re talking about Velvet Revolver, the supergroup that is known for its successful run in hard rock revival, as well as its iconic frontman’s infamous reputation for substance abuse. For rhythm guitarist Dave Kushner, those years have been a constant challenge against his sobriety, which he has maintained for more than a decade before joining the band. Dave stayed sober, but it doesn’t mean his life had become easy, even when the band called it quits. Dave shares the highlights of his story in this conversation with Rob Hannley, Mike Diamond, and Ricky Barnes. Listen in as he shares how he handled these challenging moments of his journey and how putting in the work has gotten him into the good place that he enjoys now.

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