#103: 35 Recruiting Questions Answered Live

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This episode is Facebook live Recruiting Q&A event I did last week. This Q&A ran on the Travel Ball Parents Facebook page. Visit their page, travel ball parents (https://www.facebook.com/travelballparents/) . Our friends over there put out some great content ranging from hilarious pictures that I'm sure you can relate to , to professional advice on all kinds of topics. This was live, it was 35 questions that I had no idea were coming at me and it ended up covering a great range of topics. In the show description you'll see time codes with the questions, so if you'd like to skip around please check out those details and fast forward right to the questions you'd like to hear. I'd suggest listening to the entire episode, you'll get a lot out of it. Question Time Codes: Q1 (1:10): Do I have to play "showcase baseball" to be recruited? Q2 (4:48) Do we really need a professionally filmed recruiting video? Q3 (8:04) How much of a difference does it make in the recruiting process if a player only plays high school ball, and not travel ball? Is one better than the other? Q4 (9:12) My son had a not-so-great outing in front of a college coach who came to watch him pitch. Has my son lost his chance at that college? Q5 (11:07) What is a good age to start sending tape to college coaches? Q6 (13:33) Is it better to play at a D3 with playing time or a D1 where you might not see a lot of playing time? Q7 (16:12) Where'd you get that T-Shirt? (baseballism.com) Q8 (16:37) Are college camps, tournaments and workouts replacing showcase baseball? Q9 (18:39) We are from Canada, should I have my son play travel ball in USA? Q10 (19:59) How important is strength training? Q11 (21:30) Where can I find out info on individual events? Q12 (23:30) What age should you start strength training? Q13 (25:20) What makes an academic player, and do you they a different recruiting path? Q14 (27:50) What is the best way for a utility player to be recruited? Q15 (29:30) Should kids be focusing on metrics? Q16 (31:35) Do coaches recruit based on position or is it more offensively ability? Q17 (32:40) Do coaches look at left handed pitcher differently than right handed pitcher? Q20 (33:55) Is pop time the most important thing for catchers? Q21 (35:01) If you are a two-way player at what point should you choose one position over the other? Q22 (36:20) How do coaches evaluate side-arm pitchers? Q23 (37:15) What are your thoughts on over-recruiting? Q24 (39:15) How many different pitchers does a pitcher need in his arsenal to be recruited? Q25 (40:23) Of all the brand name showcases out there, which one is the must-attend? Q26 (41:15) How can kids get used to faster pitching? Q27 (42:00) How important is it for a high school player to keep his social media use under control? Q28 (44:12) What are some things the high school player can do to put the recruiting process in their own hands? Q29 (42:25) What is the average amount of scholarship money players get? Q30 (47:10) My 2019 is getting tons of camp invites, how do you know what is genuine? Q31 (49:15) Do schools ever back out of verbal commitment offers? Q32 (50:40) How does Baseball Factory rank with other showcases? Q33 (51:30) What should be included in an email to college coaches? (Email me brian@therecruitingcoaches.com and I'll send you a sample coach email) Q34 (52:27) Is it unreasonable to have expectations of a scholarship? Q35 (54:40) Should I be a pitcher-only at a young age? Sign up for our insider newsletter - The Ballpark Pass here: https://manage.campaignzee.com/eOOC73eLtl

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