Wade & Wendy 010: AI in Recruitment with Ray Culver @ Scout Live from SourceCon Atlanta


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Live from SourceCon Atlanta! Insight on AI in Recruitment with Ray Culver at Scout (https://www.goscoutgo.com), an AI-driven recruitment marketplace that gives you a new way to connect with specialty recruiters. We use AI to identify, rank, and match the best recruiters for each role, industry, and location.
In the space where recruiting is getting more and more competitive, and becoming more of a candidate's market, a recruiter’s plate is full and you can’t let things slip through the cracks. Integrating with the emerging tech is the key to keeping up and AI can help alleviate some of that stress and get you a better result.
How do you take AI and infuse it into your company? Where can it help advance and fill gaps?
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