Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 15: Sustained Silent Podcasting


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Time to say Alias Grace with Kelly & Molly in this S2E5 recap of The Handmaid's Tale. There's plenty to podcast about: a hymn named Cat Stevens, the show's diverse representations of faith, team-building gossip, Max Minghella's audition for Green Day, the state of mental health in Gilead, an update on Whitford Watch 2018, sending Alexis Bledel to Sephora's VIB sale, Aunt Lydia Poppins, Bible verse critiques, some good old-fashioned vajeensplaining, R. Kelly as the Commander of modern times, and how this Hulu show has bigger stone's than HBO's Game of Thrones. As always, please do us a solid and drop a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, get in on our Facebook page goodness, and tell literally everyone you can about us, however you can.

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