Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 23: The Small Unbuttered Faces


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Kelly & Molly get in a few last audible high fives, self-care horns, and Johnny Gunman jokes in their supersized recap of The Handmaid's Tale S2E13. They keep things relatively civil while discussing the finale in all its glory: searching for Gilead's version of McCall's, ascribing meaning to flowers, praising Elisabeth Moss' #1 line reading in the entire show, giggling at the young poop, slapping peepers on some excellent cinematography, establishing canon tequila drinkers, learning about digetic music cues, parsing the Commander's map, and celebrating the triumphant return of Grinch Offred. Thank you x 1 million for our biggest and best season of Red All Over yet! Keep an eye on Apple Podcasts for off-season goodies, the Facebook group for silliness and chats, and Venmo for donating to keep the episodes coming. Don't forget to recommend us to your gal pals, too! Nolite and we love you!

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