Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 36: Exploratory Backchat


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Blessed be the finale, Redheads! Kelly + Molly's hearts grew three sizes as they watched The Handmaid's Tale S3E13. It's a strong finish to an uneven season, so they take the opportunity to get real pedantic about "mayday," worry about Gilead secret slime action, come up with a Steven Universe name for June + Janine, spot some Lush shampoo outside Soul Scrolls, explain how to make Lunchables from scratch, remind everyone that there are other causes for female barfing aside from pregnancy, make a connection to Toni Morrison's Beloved, brush up on dystopian party etiquette, gun for a Ferris Bueller crossover, hope that S4 will bring more a racially responsible approach to writing and casting for the show, and, of course, have one last argument about a very minor plot detail. You can still get a Venmo shoutout for one of our episodes covering The Testaments this fall, we'll keep the convo poppin' on Facebook and your five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts are always appreciated!
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