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Spring has sprung! Or has it? Many people participate in April Fools, even the weather! Even though it is still cold for now, there are plenty of delicious flavorful meals that can be had, one of which being grilled cheese. This comfort dish has been a classic since before classic was classic. Adding some tomato soup to the mix enhances the experience quite a lot, though some have never tried this combination. Another rare sight to see is a grilled cheese that is wrapped entirely in bacon! But of course grilled cheese is savory, this is only one aspect to the delicacies that are spread around the world. Sweets are also a great comfort food. Licorice has its place in many areas, particularly The Netherlands with the oh so common drop. That's the name of the treat, drop. A dark licorice that is widely available and sold without hesitation.

Let us know how you enjoy your cold weather! Could you estimate how many grilled cheeses you have had in your lifetime? Perhaps you have been lucky enough to experience the bacon-wrapped grilled cheese? Is tomato soup a combination that you often have with your grilled cheese? Do you enjoy some sweet dessert after your savory meals? Is licorice one of the sweets that you enjoy? Tell us everything!

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