Audiobook Success with Victoria Gerken


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Bestselling writer William Bernhardt (The Last Chance Lawyer) discusses the latest news from the world of books, then interviews Victoria Gerken of Podium Publishing, a pioneering audiobook specialty house. The Last Chance Lawyer, William's Bernhardt's new novel, the first in a series of legal thrillers featuring attorney Daniel Pike, is now on sale in ebook, paperback, large print, and audiobook editions. Bernhardt explains his overall plan for the series. News: 1) A new report suggests that a large quantity of Amazon book reviews are "fake." But what constitutes fakeness? 2) Publishers are reportedly losing millions by ignoring the exponential growth of voice-first technology (voice-activated devices like Amazon's Alexa). 3) A new study explains when readers buy ebooks, when they buy print, in what quantities and in what circumstances. Interview: Victoria Gerken, author liaison with Podium Publishing, discusses the current surge in audiobook sales. She relates how Podium found Andy Weir's breakout novel The Martian while it was still a free giveaway on Weir's webpage and helped turn it into a bestseller. She also discusses what works in audio, what doesn't, and how authors can best take advantage of this increased interest in the spoken word. For more information about The Last Chance Lawyer, the Red Sneaker books on writing, or this podcast, visit:

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