Paths to Publishing Success with Dave Chesson


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Bestselling author William Bernhardt (The Last Chance Lawyer) discusses the latest news from the publishing world, offers writing tips, and interviews Dave Chesson, the "Kindlepreneur" who offers educational classes, books, and the invaluable program KDP Rocket to help writers promote their work. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: News a) For the first time, Amazon Studios has purchased the media rights to a book published by Amazon Publishing, creating synergy that could make Amazon an even more desirable publishing choice. b) Stephen King becomes the first author to have his own Amazon skill (program), allowing people to find a King book through their home Alexa device. This will likely be the first of many such skills created by authors to market their books and audiobooks. Chapter 3: Writing Tips The publishing world has been beset with scandal. Journalist Jill Abramson has been accused of plagiarism, and novelist Dan Mallory has been accused of borrowing the plot elements of his new novel from the work of others. Writers must be cautious not to use the words of others without giving proper attribution, and must be careful to distinguish their stories from previous ones, even though they may share the same genre or plot archetypes. Bernhardt offers tips to help writers ensure their work is distinctive rather than imitative. Chapter 4: Interview with Dave Chesson KDP Rocket has become an indispensable tool for the modern writer, allowing them to search for the best keywords to use in their advertising. Chesson also discusses his books, blog, and classes designed to help writers find success. Chapter 5: Parting Words William Bernhardt's new novel, The Last Chance Lawyer, is now available for pre-order at a reduced price on most online bookselling sites. He also has sworn to not use the word "forefront" again for at least the next five podcasts. He can be contacted at: Please spread the word about this podcast and post reviews on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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