Tyler Simmonds: Healing through Mindfulness


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What if you're a person who feels things deeply? What do you do when all you see is injustice and you feel alone? Do you try to handle it all alone, while the world goes on, seemingly without a care? Filmmaker, artist, writer, and entrepreneur, Tyler Simmonds grappled with these questions early on in his life as he faced depression and anxiety.

Out of these struggles, he found the healing power of mindfulness.

Listen to the first episode of Redeeming Disorder's 2nd season to receive inspiration, and a crash course on how to use mindfulness in your daily life. Our interview with Tyler will give you yet another perspective on mental illness, and the many therapies and tools available if you need help.

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Also, be sure to check out more music from Hetty and her newest album, In Search of the Sea. Big thanks to Hetty for letting us use her music for our podcast!

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