Episode 19 - Vajayjay So Good That It Should Be Against The Law w: Kayla

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Let’s just get the explicit stuff right out there in the intro! There’s a lot more censoring done in this episode than we would have liked, but after re-listening to the episode, it was decided that we needed to cut quite a few things out to make our special guest more comfortable with the release. We’re breaking the LAW this week with an extra special guest in law enforcement, Kayla. The gang is FAR from up to date with nudity laws in Travis county, homeless dating seems like an interesting concept, seriously guys, Kayla works out a lot, the internet moves in a strange way, the black sheep of law enforcement is a lot of fun, shout out to the Fit Cops Fam! Don’t worry, the whole gang partook in the twerknado, you know it’s gonna be a good story when it takes this long to get into a story, Kirk takes it to a creepy place REAL quick, vaginal ‘decorations’ make an appearance, then a disappearance, Kirk is still taking it to a strange place, apparently Kirk has been known for getting naked for quite a while, tattoo show and tell is, and everyone at the pool always sees Kirk’s tattoos, serious shout out to all the tattoo artists that get in all the raunchy places for the name of the art, Kirk almost chokes on his beer, Todd also takes the subject to a strange place, Mitch’s artwork is brought up yet again, Kayla figures out pretty quickly that we actually ARE drinking throughout the recording process, it’s great when you get called ‘interesting,’ we take a quick trip down memory lane, Todd is STILL the top bone in Texas, Forney was a very strict and Christian community, more trips down memory lane to prom, Kirk starts producing some false memories, creatures of habit are still creatures of habit, Kayla fucks a lot, Todd coming in strong with the slut-shaming, everyone learns a new vocabulary word, Kayla fucks A LOT, now everyone knows how to manager your calorie intake for sex, Kirk always circling back to the misogyny, all of our mom’s shudder when they listen to this program, Kirk is seriously at a loss for words with this comment, Todd puts his production notes right into the episode, Karla is tons of fun, rapping is a deal breaker, Kayla seriously takes Josh’s jokes and makes them into reality, it turns out the podcast based on relationships is kind of against the idea of marriage, Kayla USED to be a good girl, Kirk is so sarcastic that he can’t turn it off, Todd gets called out again for slut shaming, no one actually says it but we’re trying to get the ball rolling, the gang shows how long goes between recording and release by dating this show with the #MeToo movement, the gang takes a minute to discuss Lauren and her roommates’ codependency, Kirk comes clean about his #MeToo story, dating apps are kinda dangerous these days kids, Kirk has never encountered a crazy girl, seriously 2013 was a REALLY bad year for Kuykendall, serial monogamy is NOT dead, kids can kill your dating life but not your sex life apparently, the gang seems to be kind of against the idea of dating as well – the show may be in trouble, Kirk can’t keep the production calendar and episodes straight, guys are the worst, snapchat isn’t for nudes – patreon is!!!! Mitch is basically Amish when it comes to technology, the gang had NO idea how far the Fit Cops Family stretches, Kuykendall has ascended to Nirvana and become Ben Kissel, the gang is all for humanizing the badge, no one wants to get Kirk a beer, NFPSP is a super legit thing that you should check out, everyone in the gang loves Karla, Kirk’s number one gripe about relationships makes a come back, Kirk gets defensive because his penis is vestigial but he’s somehow a player, Todd is the only one that appreciates Kirk’s nerdy jokes, vocabulary is fun, KP = Kayla BTW, pickles are also pretty phallic..

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