Episode 21 - Eleanor Rugby Returns!


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Mitch speaks “unintelligible babble,” Todd fucks that up, Kuykendall wants to shoot Lauren in the face (RUDE), Kuykendall is “not” Taft, he’s Roosevelt and he is riding into this podcast on a bull moose. Ellie Rugby doesn’t like Eleanor Roosevelt, and we’re sooo not using her real name, what a Taft moment amiright? Everyone gangs up on Kuykendall 4 minutes in, Ellie Rugby made a new rugby team! (fireworks) ER has the awkward moment of the week, dude has a tic tac, follows it up with a full length mirror pic to prove it, he is holding his BFF in a claw hand, now she knows to request a dollar bill for scale, Todd is still a risqué underwear model, Bumble Guy likes to be degraded, it’s a super pointy penis… ER’s eyes hurt looking at it. Todd votes three inches hard, Mitch makes more weird mouth noises, Kuykendall gives Todd some birds, Mitch likes kitties, it’s important to have friends together and to watch each other’s sports, Todd likes the thought of a wedding full of lesbian sex, Kuykendall is talking goats and scissoring, rugby is very all inclusive and ER has a very solid team, and Barbie hands, Kuykendall is like really, really good at impossible things, Kuykendall is Taft again, Kuykendall’s joke is a stretch at best, all famous assassins all have three names, K gets beer everywhere, ER and K went on meetings, not dates, there was handshaking involved. ER doesn’t love social media. This is in fact Dad Joke Wednesday, beard hair isn’t as good as head hair, BOB makes an appearance, “anal fun,” Lauren has her claws out, ER and Lauren are llama friends, Todd is shielded by distance, she’s not Kuykendall busy, proper grammar is sexy, ER can use the FUCK out of a semicolon, ER likes muscly guys who don’t skip leg day, body-shaming is bullshit, Kuykendall is slow on asking for numbers, he was playing it pppppprettttty cool, Kuykendall has a ball off the foot moment, Lauren thought Kuykendall was mad, he wasn’t, there is a 31 day snapchat streak going on, —INTERMISSION— check out True Bromance and FitCops, Kuykendall’s confidence is his greatest strength but also his greatest downfall, Kuykendall found his neon green speedo (yellow), Jameson is the same thing as confidence, communication is key and is very important to Kuykendall, confidence is his beard, Quick Draw McGraw, Kuykendall has tunnel vision, was more excited about his new guitar instead of ER’s wonder woman costume, Lauren overthinks everything and puts her phone on airplane mode all the time, Roosevelt cried, “dare mighty things,” “dare tiny things,” “walk loudly and carry a small stick,” etc, they have good chemistry, conversations and bond over rugby, Kuykendall is not used to being bested, neither is our friend from the True Bromance Podcast, Lauren is on that level on this episode, ER can be extra sometimes, and a little awkward, Lauren doesn’t buy it because Lauren is 3000% awkward, Kuykendall made ER a playlist, Lauren is a fan, Pistol by Dustin Kensrue is on the MIXTAPE, math is hard, Todd can count to 21… or 23, you can also use your balls to count with, five of one thing or two claws, complete cookie for breakfast, Todd is busy, “wow I’m blowing this so hard,” Kuykendall has a Geico visor, he makes bad jokes, ER got irritated and ghosted for a while, Todd has a bad abortion joke, ER is a rare gold dollar coin, someone on ER’s team regurgitated a .50 piece, ER’s dad is a badass radio dude on The Eagle, we welcome her calling out Kuykendall some more, Mitch loves making fun of his friends, ER leaves us with the last word of “every generation deserves a revolution, which one are you going to start?” Find us on: instagram: redefinepodcast twitter: rdefinepodcast email: redefinepodcast@gmail.com

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