199: Advancing Multicultural Competency in Wellness with Linda Howard, CEO of Alturnative


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As social consciousness shifts towards demanding inclusivity and diversity, the need for multicultural competency in workplaces is more and more apparent. Today’s guest, Linda Howard, CEO of Alturnative and President of the Board of Directors of the National Wellness Institute, has been working to highlight the tools needed to create a culture of inclusivity and train wellness professionals on how to develop and hone them.

With over 30 years of combined experience in law, compliance, and managed care operations, Linda provides thought leadership to esteemed organizations and educates thousands of professionals annually in multicultural competency and social responsibility.

In this episode, Linda discusses forming the Multicultural Competency Committee at the National Wellness Institute and their goals for the future. She explores the tools needed to create a culture of inclusivity in workplaces and how to use the multicultural competency wheel that the Committee developed.

Linda shares what she’s most proud of accomplishing through the Committee, including the new Multicultural Competency Certificate Course training. Finally, she touches on what she thinks the wellness industry as a whole needs to do to be more inclusive and provides a jumping off point for professionals looking to move their organizations towards multicultural competency.

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